OddapocalypseThis book review is being written under the assumption; you the reader have at least read Odd Thomas by: Dean Koontz; which is the first book in the series.

After waiting approximately 4 years since the release of Odd Hours for Koontz to produce another book in this series; I was extremely pleased at the publication of Odd Apocalypse.  I’m not by any means a huge fan of Dean Koontz; however, you can’t prove that by our family library.

My thoughts on Odd Apocalypse:

Odd, just Odd, the fry cook from the obscure little town of Pico Mundo seemed an evolved version of himself in this latest book. It is generally expressed through the series that Odd, even with his extraordinary gift to communicate with the dead is still a simple man, and while this may stay true through to Odd Apocalypse I personally found an intellect and academic seeming change in the character. Honestly, I thought I must have missed the book where he actually had time to attend college majoring in great works of literature and minoring in sciences.*

One thing holds true throughout the series, and that is Odd with his uncanny ability is forever drawn to and caught up in curious situations where his services are needed in order to help the living and the dead. Odd Apocalypse is in reality not a deviation of Odd’s ongoing mission, actually this may be one of his most complex and intriguing travels. In this particular book you will find Odd out on the West Coast with a side-kick of sorts. Her name is Annamaria, and while it might strike the reader as an off sort of paring it becomes quickly understandable why they were gravitated together by chance or fate. The entire book is set at a mansion known as Roseland. Roseland was built during the Roaring 20’s and holds more secrets than a monk vowed to silence. There is a pretense and lure about the estate of safety until Odd with his supernatural ability begins to see things and meets his first ghost. When Odd finally determines the majority of Roseland’s puzzle he is ready to move on, but he finds that he is bound by his chivalrous nature to stay until justice or at least a piece of it can be acquired.

It is written in true Koontz style; which for the Odd Series I’ve personal declared it action packed with a side of dry humor with a sprinkling of the obvious. Regardless of the scrapes, mishaps, ghostly miscommunication and gunfire Koontz has taken thrills, action, and danger, near death experiences and inserted his own style of comedy; although it may sometimes turn tragic.

My little pet peeve and the reason I gave this particular book a 3 star review—I was deterred and disheartened by the fact I was able to deduce the plots unfolding and correctly predict the ending so quickly. Yes, as avid readers we are capable of figuring these things out as a story unfolds in any given book. It felt all too easy with Odd Apocalypse for me to give it anything higher than a 3 and I struggled not to give it a 2.

Now, the good part of the series is very simple. They are easy, intriguing reads for those days you don’t want to submerse yourself into deep thought provoking works.


*What has Odd been up to during the lapse of time between books?

During the lapse between Odd Hours and Odd Apocalypse, excluding graphic novels there is the 3-part e-book series; which is apparently meant to catch you up on Odd’s adventures. Some of these may still be available. I haven’t had any luck myself.

Odd Interlude #1

Odd Interlude #2

Odd Interlude #3


Review requested by: cheisserer

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