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Having plenty use for Shakespearean insults this morning, yet enormously in need of a laugh I turn quickly to Monty Python—who else?

“French Taunting”

With their bons mots I’m always left cradling my side gently from the pain endured from laughing so violently. I do admit however that Python humor is an acquired taste.

Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail

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  1. I was at a party this past weekend and brought Monty Python up in conversation. One of the guys I was chatting with said, “I just don’t get it.” I could only shake my head and pity the poor bastard.


  2. I absolutely love Monty Python. As a high school teacher I have been pleasantly surprised to find so many teenagers still love Monty Python too – it is quite timeless comedy, even if it is an acquired taste. I think perhaps the issue is that there is nothing to get quite a lot of the time – many of their sketches had no punchlines or jokes, and were just silly for the sake of being silly, which baffles people who actively look for an underlying purpose in humour.


  3. Through out the years thus far I have run across a wide number of individuals that either do not know of Monty Python or they scrunch their faces up and say, “I never really liked it.” acquired taste or not I have to shake my head in shame at the education they received. Come on, people should at least know who they are whether they like them or not, Ach! just my opinion. :)


  4. I don’t find Monty Python all that funny; although others in the family immensely like his humor!


  5. […] Insult, Insulting, Insulted – Monty Python ( […]



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