For someone as massively insecure at sharing art, however, trying to overcome this fear – I’m posting my daily doodle as a warm up exercise for me mentally, before posting something I put more time into… This goes against every perfectionistic view I’ve held dear for many years!

Turbid Tuesday Brought to you by the letter D Do you enjoy rich, dark, delectable chocolate? Are you the one in your group of friends known for being a chocoholic? I’ve personally been in recovery for years. Sometimes, however, I will indulge my taste buds for a deep, dark chocolate. My favorite is imported Belgian […]

Mental Monday Breathing Exercise That singular statement can sometimes be a trigger and not a comfort. When someone is experiencing a panic attack, and their breathing becomes labored, irregular and/or leads to hyperventilation, saying to them, “Just breathe!” is not always productive. What do you think they are doing? They are breathing, albeit improperly; they […]

It is with a wounded heart I pen Thinking how disingenuous you have been   Is it cliché to say This is the only way   I’m over, I’m finished, I’m through No, I don’t have to excuse you   Walk out, don’t say goodbye I refuse listening to another lie   Do not think […]

My Thursdays are turning into thankful Thursdays, and I don’t see an issue with that, as I am grateful for many things. I am sincerely thankful to Embracing A Wounded Soul for nominating this blog for the Brave Heart award. The nomination took me completely by surprise. If ever I doubted braveness of heart (never […]

July 10th Warrior from Looking for the Light nominated Obscured Dreamer for the Liebster award. It’s veryclear that I’m running seriously behind in accepting – please accept my heartfelt apologies. I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and filled with gratitude for the nomination. Warrior has a definite passion for music. It surpasses many enthusiasts I […]

Writing Wednesday Double Negatives Simple forms of double negatives are generally heard and seen with ease. While I do practice the absurdity of grammatical incorrectness on my blog; I have a hard time listening to it being spoken or reading it. I’m a firm believer that the way we speak is the way we write. […]

Turbid Tuesday Brought to you by the letter C For many years I suppressed my artistic urges. I used the usual excuses—not enough time, no inspiration, and my very favorite was my own hateful mantra to myself, “It’s not good enough!” While it sounds so very simplistic to tell ourselves that we can try, it […]

Titan – He serves as an emotional support dog. He is a fully trained, 5 year-old, Boxer. He also does a few other things, such as, alerting to movement in the house, arrival of anyone on the property, however, I want to be extremely clear that he is not an attack dog. People with PTSD […]

Mental Monday There are different types of service dogs – the two discussed here are Emotional Support dogs and Psychiatric Services dogs. Psychiatric Service dogs These dogs are not trained or required to provide emotional support to their owner. Their specific training and purpose is to help overcome obstacles that impede daily living with individuals […]