I talked about Social Anxiety yesterday. It’s funny how we deal with things. Personally I try to avoid crowds and situations where I must speak with people at all, but when I do find myself there something happens and I become a comedian. I will do the exact opposite of what you would think. If […]

There is a problem that many people don’t understand. Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety or Social Phobia Some people don’t understand what it’s like to be faced with having to speak to someone and be stricken with fear. Until recently I didn’t know that what I was experiencing actually had a name. I just thought I […]

Dreams of enormous waves crashing against the house and us trying to hold on and not be washed away… It’s amazing how feelings are like that. Trying not to get too caught up and lost in feelings for some people is very hard work. Best to ride the wave or hold on tight. The last few […]

There is always that that we love and that which carries it away. Here we are already starting the latter half of September… and Persephone, first daughter, then Queen of the Underworld, begins her descent with Hades. Summer begins to end. Bringing myth to physical reality… it’s hard to know where to start. I find myths […]

The Beverly Hillbillies? Only Ronovan would do that and get away with it. I think he should be dunked in the cement pond, don’t you? Last week I created a poem to stay on a theme, but this week we don’t seem to have a theme amongst us men. One young lady asked if Ronovan […]

Now I got here a story about a man who’s named Reb A sorry S.O.B. who was better off stone dead. He was out one day shootin’ some pool In walked his wife with one man hatin’ crew Posse that is, all gold, no quiltin’ bee. Well the next thing you know Reb done ran […]

Depression kicks my derriere at times. Not in the way you think. I handle the downer times, the mopey moments. I am okay with all of that. Then the emotional things happen during those times. You have a disappointment in the emotional arena and you react. Outside You see it happening. You watch it like […]

I was the caged bird that knew how to sing. Now that I’m free, I find I’ve a broken wing. What good is a bird that cannot fly? What good is a bird that cannot sing a lullaby? 2014 – © All Rights Reserved by Author

What does it mean when you can barely taste your food… when sleep doesn’t matter… and when almost all you feel on your birthday is numb…? Well they say every 7 years your taste in food changes… I’m at the end and beginning of another 7 years within this past month… maybe that’s why? But I […]

We men seem to have a theme this week in regards to speaking somewhat about strong women. My counterpart has obvious thoughts on the matter and a more poetic way of expressing them than I. But, and this is a big but, I will endeavor to put forth my own poetic ode to the feminine […]