Turbid Tuesday Brought to you by the letter E Epigraphy Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions or epigraphs as writing; it is the science of identifying graphemes, clarifying their meanings, classifying their uses according to dates and cultural contexts, and drawing conclusions about the writing and the writers. Deciphering Ancient Inscriptions has a nice cyber tour […]

Dawn is breaking A heart Aching   Tears are gleaming Down cheeks Streaming   Metaphorical bones breaking Too aware Screaming   There’s labored breathing A body Shaking   A brilliant mind—disintegrating          

A puppet was all I ever was to you A rag doll was what you saw Not a human in your view   I played my part I acted it out with grace and fine art Pulling each string—making me dance and sing   To the tune you wanted to play Still, I wasn’t what […]

While reading today, I came across this quote ~ “Thankfulness is built on a substructure of trust. When thankful words stick in your throat, you need to check up on your foundation of trust.”  – Sarah Young When we practice the art of gratitude we are more apt to find things to be happy about and […]

For someone as massively insecure at sharing art, however, trying to overcome this fear – I’m posting my daily doodle as a warm up exercise for me mentally, before posting something I put more time into… This goes against every perfectionistic view I’ve held dear for many years!

Turbid Tuesday Brought to you by the letter D Do you enjoy rich, dark, delectable chocolate? Are you the one in your group of friends known for being a chocoholic? I’ve personally been in recovery for years. Sometimes, however, I will indulge my taste buds for a deep, dark chocolate. My favorite is imported Belgian […]

Mental Monday Breathing Exercise That singular statement can sometimes be a trigger and not a comfort. When someone is experiencing a panic attack, and their breathing becomes labored, irregular and/or leads to hyperventilation, saying to them, “Just breathe!” is not always productive. What do you think they are doing? They are breathing, albeit improperly; they […]

It is with a wounded heart I pen Thinking how disingenuous you have been   Is it cliché to say This is the only way   I’m over, I’m finished, I’m through No, I don’t have to excuse you   Walk out, don’t say goodbye I refuse listening to another lie   Do not think […]

My Thursdays are turning into thankful Thursdays, and I don’t see an issue with that, as I am grateful for many things. I am sincerely thankful to Embracing A Wounded Soul for nominating this blog for the Brave Heart award. The nomination took me completely by surprise. If ever I doubted braveness of heart (never […]

July 10th Warrior from Looking for the Light nominated Obscured Dreamer for the Liebster award. It’s veryclear that I’m running seriously behind in accepting – please accept my heartfelt apologies. I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and filled with gratitude for the nomination. Warrior has a definite passion for music. It surpasses many enthusiasts I […]