Yes, according to experts and many bloggers you only need 5 to 10 minutes a day to write an interesting yet succinct post worth reading! With that said, if I did post what I spent that short burst of time writing those reading might find cause to doubt my sanity. While I have not been […]

Whoopity Doo! The CANDY SEASON HAS BEGUN!   Okay, maybe it is a few days away, but still it’s here. You know you all have been enjoying the peanut butter cups to no end. I love those. Have you actually tried to make the hole in the middle thing from the commercials with the tip […]

Ah, yes. Don’t you feel that wonderful Monday morning feeling? That rush of energy flowing through your veins, through the valves of your heart, up to your brain where it sends the message of “Here I Go Again”. Mondays aren’t the same for everyone you know. For some people it’s the beginning of vacation as […]

Friday. It’s not a 13th, at least I can say that for it. Have you ever thought about why we are seen in the clothes of another man? If I walk into a room I am instantly judged before a word is spoken, before anyone even knows who I am. Some will ask what does […]

I like routine, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘As Good As It Gets’ with Jack Nicholson you know some people are a bit OCD about things. And there are other things that go along with it. I’m not OCD. I do have little habits that I catch myself […]

Plans changed, so here I am and gearing up ‘gang buster style’ moving forward. You ever just needed to get something off your chest and agonized over it? Well there are several ways to deal with it. I have one that has been nagging at me for a couple of weeks, but it’s a difficult […]

I suffer from a variety of anxiety disorders, gender dysphoria (fka “GID”: gender identity disorder), BDD: body dysmorphic disorder, confusing sexuality, OCD: obsessive compulsive disorder, …and depression caused by all these things, a chemical imbalance?, and society’s lack of willingness to understand and accept what I am. But on the other hand… Do I know […]

I will keep with the theme of yesterday. I cannot do a poem for you. I will simply say I have enjoyed being here and putting my feelings out to you all. I hope for all of you the best. Maybe I will pop up in places. I don’t know really. Maybe Ronovan will have […]

The time has come for the curtain to fall. This hear southern boy has heard the call. I’ve enjoyed the time that I’ve been here. But that time has come to an end I fear.   Things are coming down to a close. It’s not an ending I would have chose. I’ve shared more here […]

I’ve recently been getting memory flashes of some long ago events. I don’t think this is just something an amnesia person goes through. These memories are pretty bad and have pretty much caused a closing off of many aspects of my life, my mental avenues of escape. They have also made me question things about […]